Welcome! Our community outreach site exists to meet the needs of those who are stake-holders in preserving land, especially legacy land titled in the name of a deceased ancestor. We’re here
to provide information  and legal services to those who wish to preserve and benefit from their inheritance.

Contact us:
27 Gamecock Ave, Ste 200
 Charleston, SC 29407
Phone: (843) 225-8754
Fax: (843) 225-8765
Inspired by our ancestors, we aim to:
- Increase community awareness of the plight of heirs'    property interest-holders
- Help educate those who cannot afford to lose their land
- Provide legal services to clear title to property
- Establish a forum for those interested in land-related issues
Information is power!  If you have the ability to understand what's going on in your community you have the power to change things!

Join us to  stay up-to-date on community events and find out what's new concering your property and wealth preservation.
Why Not Join our Efforts?

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